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Magic Fundraiser 


What is it?

The Magic Show Fundraiser is a one-day event that is extremely easy to host.  It appeals to a family audience, and is equally fun and entertaining for children and adults.  It is a positive program that will be received warmly by the community.  The event does not require any aggressive selling or put any strain on your volunteers.

What Does Your Group Provide?

The goal is to make this event extremely easy to hold requiring the host group to only provide the basics to make it a success.  In most cases that would be:

  • Event Venue - An appropriate auditorium, hall, theater or gymnasium with seating for approximately 500-1000 or more people.  Your group will be responsible for any cost involved with the venue.  

  • An Audience - The show is for your local community, family and friends.  Your primary responsibility is letting your people know about the event.  

  • Volunteers - We need people excited about the event to help with loading and unloading our truck, selling tickets, opening curtains etc.  

What does Will Baffle Provide For You?

  • An Amazing Show - The Show of Wonders is a family fun magic and illusion show that gets rave reviews form all ages.  

  • Fundraising Manual - This has all the information you need.  The time table, ideas where to place posters, how to sell tickets, etc.  All this information is broken down in easy steps to follow.

  • Posters and Promotions - You will receive posters and  fliers to get the word out on your event.

  • Box Office and Ticketing - Printed tickets will be provided as well as the capability for online sales if you choose (Be aware that any online ticket sales will be subject to standard service fees)

What Is The Ticket Price?

You, as the group, are able to set the price of tickets as you see fit, however, experience has shown that $15.00 advance tickets and $20.00 at the door, is a great price point for a family oriented show.  We also suggest offering a "Family Pass" which would be good for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Are We Guaranteed To Sell Lots Of Tickets?

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but this program makes it extremely easy!  First, it's an appealing event that catches people's interest, and it's offered at an affordable price.  Much easier and less work than selling chocolate bars!

Keep in mind that potentially, for everyone who buys a ticket, they will be bringing along at least one other person.  Your message gets magnified!  Once you get your immediate circle excited about the show you may find you sell out quickly!

So let's give it our best effort and make some magic happen!

What Is The Next Step To Get Started?

Coordinate between Will and your venue to choose and available date for the show.  As soon as that is settled we can begin to launch the event.  Usually we want to pick a date at least 8 weeks before show date.

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